Waterfront Warehouse


$3.35 Raspberry Point – New London Bay, P.E.I.

Harvested from one of the most northern stocks of oysters in North America. These oysters take up to seven years to reach maturity. They have a wonderful salty taste, clean flavour, and delightful clean finish.

$2.95 Beausoleil – Neguac, NB.

These small oysters are grown in floating trays. Always petite and clean flavored with black and white shells, a delightful yeasty aroma of champagne or rising bread dough. A great starter oyster.

$2.95 Malpeque – Malpeque, P.E.I.

Transitional oyster that is bigger and bolder than Beausoleil. Light bodied and clean finish. They have a perfect balance between sweetness and brine.

$2.95 Green Gables – New London Bay, PEI

Harvested in cool waters, moderate salinity, sweet finish, Malpeque variation

$2.95 Caribou Point – Pictou, NS

Wild caught, slight briny flavour with a hint of vegetation

$2.95 Ruisseau (Eel Lake) – Yarmouth, NS

This plump oyster is more flavourful than a Beausoleil and boasts some of the ìmeatiestî of our oysters, sometimes available in Jumbo size.

$2.95 Malagash – Tatamagouche Harbour, NS

Shapes range as they naturally contoured to the bottom, greenish-white shell, firm meat, as they are slow-growing, mild flavour

$2.95 North Nova – Pictou, NS.

Deep cup, quite briny but they are very light in bodyóa quintessential Maritime oyster.

$2.95 Merigomish – Pictou, N.S.

Pearly white shell, meat is plump with lots of texture that fills the shell, there is a balance of salt and creamy.

$2.95 Pristine Bay – Antigonish, N.S.

Wonderful, deep cup, very juicy. Lots of salinity and flavour. Jumbos sometimes available.

$2.95 Black Point – Pictou, N.S.

Grown in shallow waters, have very salty taste with a sweet aftertaste. Good medium body

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$2.95 Lucky Lime – New London Bay, PEI

With the salty influx of the Gulf of St. Lawrence these develop a unique salty flavour. Being bag-grown they have strong algae growth that turns the oyster shells bright green and contributes a depth of flavor to the oysters.

$2.95 Cabot – Antigonish, NS

Flavourful sweet and salty tones grown naturally via bottom culture methods, from nutrient rich waters of Havre Boucher, Antigonish County

Oyster friendly wines

22 btl Prosecco, Villa Sandi 375ml – ITA

8 gl 40 btl Tidal Bay, Blomidon Estate – NS

8 gl 40 btl Riesling, Gaspereau Vineyards – NS

4oz/19 Try chilled vodka with your oysters!

8 gl 40 btl Phone Box White, Luckett Vineyards – NS

10 gl 50 btl Sauvignon Blanc, Kim Crawford – NZ

10gl...60btl Method Classique NV, Benjamin Bridge – NS