Waterfront Warehouse

Little Lobster Menu

Fish Bites & Chips
Flatbread Cheese Pizza
Chicken Fingers & Fries

Meal includes a small drink and a scoop of vanilla ice cream


Lobster Secrets

  • Lobsters come in many colours such as green, red, yellow and blue.
  • Not all lobsters have claws. Warm water, “Spiny Lobsters” have long, strong antennae instead.
  • Lobsters can live as long as humans do.
  • The largest lobster ever caught was off Nova Scotia’s coast and weighed 44 pounds and was over 3 feet long!

Lobster Fun

Lanny the lobster is planning to go on vacation somewhere hot, but can’t decide what to pack in his suitcase. Can you help Lanny pack by colouring in the items you think he should take on his vacation somewhere hot?