Waterfront Warehouse

Whistle Wetters

Sparkling Wine 4oz / Still Wine 5 oz

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~ all draught available by the pitcher ~

On Tap

$7 20oz Keith’s India Pale Ale

$7 20oz Moose Light Raddler

$7 20oz Belgian Moon, Wheat Ale

$7 20oz Coors Light

$7 20oz Boxing Rock Hunky Dory Pale Ale

$7 20oz Garrison, Tall Ship Amber

$7 20oz Garrison, Irish Red

$7 20oz Propeller, Extra Special Bitter

$7 20oz Sapporo – JPN

$8 16oz Tatamagouche, North Shore Lagered Ale

$8 16oz Two Crows, Pecadillo Oat Pilsner

$7 16oz Garrison, Hoppy Bouy IPA

$7 16oz Heineken – NLD

$7 16oz Monthly Feature

A feature local craft beer that is interesting, unique or just plain delicious...


$8 Guinness – IRL

$9 Pilsner Urquel – CZE

$7 Stella Artois – BEL

$7 Corona – MEX

$9 Grolsch – NLD

$8 Sam Adams – USA


$8 Angry Orchard 375ml – Walden, NY

$10 Bulwarks Gold 500ml – New Ross, NS

Nova Scotia Grown - Bubbles

10gl $60 Method Classique NV, Benjamin Bridge

$55 Nova 7, Benjamin Bridge (Frizzante)

Nova Scotia Grown- White

8gl $28 ½L $40 Phone Box White, Luckett Vineyards

8gl $28 ½L $40 Riesling (Dry), Gaspereau Vineyards

8gl $28 ½L $40 Muscat, Grand Pré Vineyards

8gl $28 ½L $40 Tidal Bay, Blomindon Estate

9gl $32½L $45 Vero, Benjamin Bridge

Nova Scotia Grown - Red

10gl $35½L $50 Black Cab, Luckett Vineyards

$55 Marechal Foch Reserve, Grand Pré Vineyards

$65 Taurus Red, Benjamin Bridge

Local Spirits

$7 Fortress Rum

matured in oak barrels protected behind the stonewalls of the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

$6 Caldera Whisky

the grains are grown on the distillery property in River John, NS


$26 Prosecco, Villa Sandi 375ml – ITA

$46 Prosecco, La Marca – ITA

$135 Veuve Clilquot N.V. – FRA


8gl $28½L $40 Chenin Blanc, Vouvray, Bougrier – FRA

10gl $35½L $50 Sauv Blanc, Kim Crawford – NZ

9gl $32½L $44 Pinot Grigio, McManis – USA

10gl $35½L $50 Chardonnay, Oyster Bay – NZ


9gl $32½L $45 Pinot Noir, Chat St Jean – USA

9gl $32½L $45 Barbera, Fontanafredda – ITA

9gl $32½L $45 Malbec, Trapiche, Las Palmas – ARG

9gl $32½L $45 Shiraz, 3rd Generation, Nugan Estates – AUS

9gl $32½L $45 Cab Sauv, McManis – USA


$9 WW Caesar

vodka, tabasco, worcestershire, clamato, ultimate spicy bean & pepperoni garnish

$11 Davy Jones’ Lemonade(2oz)

Jim Beam bourbon, chambord, lemonade

$11 Salty Dog

vodka with ruby red grapefruit juice & salted rim

$11 Dark ‘n’ Stormy

goslings black seal, propeller ginger beer